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Hot Dish!

The spring season is in full swing! If you’re like us, your current to-do list consists of: accepting that a quarter of the year has already passed, dealing with a case of spring fever, and putting that energy to use on some serious spring cleaning.

So, for this edition of “Hot Dish!,” we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-make, fresh, green recipes to help you feel your best. You’ll be ready to tackle the spring cleaning in the craft room, power through until summer, and feel your best all season long.


Creamy Avocado Zucchini Pasta with Charred Corn and Spicy Shrimp

From Inspiralized


1 tsp. olive oil

Kernels from 1 medium
ear of corn

¼ tsp. paprika

Salt and pepper to taste

2 medium zucchinis, Blade
D, noodles trimmed

8 medium to large shrimp, deveined, shells removed

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 lime, juiced

½ tsp. garlic powder

½ tsp. chili powder

For avocado dressing:

1 ripe avocado, peeled and pitted

1 lime, juiced

1 small garlic clove, minced

½ small jalapeno, seeded and chopped

2 tbsp. chopped cilantro

¼ tsp. salt

Pepper to taste

Water, if needed to thin


1. Spiralize, dice, mince, and prep all ingredients.

2. Place all of the ingredients for the dressing into a food processor (or high-speed blender) and pulse until creamy.

3. Taste and adjust to your preferences, if needed.

4. Heat the oil in a medium skillet over medium-high heat. Once oil is simmering, add in the corn kernels and season with paprika, salt, and pepper. Cook, stirring, until corn is bright yellow and fork tender. Remove and set aside.

5. While corn cooks, place the shrimp in a medium bowl and top with olive oil, lime juice, garlic powder, chili powder, salt, and pepper. Toss to combine.

6. Once the corn is done and set aside, add in the shrimp. Cook the shrimp for 2 minutes, flip, and cook another 2 minutes or until the shrimp are opaque and C-shaped.

7. Once fully cooked, plate the zucchini noodles before placing the shrimp on top. Complete by adding in the cooked corn kernels right on top!

Tropikale Green Smoothie

From Sally’s Baking Addiction

Makes two smoothies!

¾ c. almond milk

2 medium bananas, previously peeled, sliced, and frozen

2 c. fresh pineapple chunks

2 heaping c. kale


1. Make sure you have a strong, powerful blender that will blend up the kale and frozen bananas.

2. Add all of the ingredients in the blender in the order listed. Blend on high for at least 3 minutes or until smooth.

3. Scrape down the sides of the blender as needed. Add more milk if
it’s too thick.

4. Serve and enjoy.


From Shape Magazine



1. To make the arugula pesto: combine arugula, lime juice, walnut pieces, water, olive oil, salt, and ground pepper in a food processor. Pulse until smooth. Set aside.

2. Finely dice red onion and bell peppers. Place in a bowl. Quarter cherry tomatoes and add to the bowl. Add black beans.

3. Cut avocados in half lengthwise and remove pits. Using a butter knife, cut and remove center of the avocados, leaving avocado flesh closest to the skins intact. Finely dice and add avocado pieces to the produce bowl.

4. Add pesto to the produce bowl. Toss together until pesto is evenly incorporated.

5. Carefully spoon veggie/fruit mixture into avocado halves.

6. Serve with tortilla chips, rice chips, crackers, etc., and eat avocado cups with spoons. If you have any remaining veggie mixture, serve it in a small bowl for extra dipping with your chips/crackers.



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