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Note from the Editor

Last year, we announced that we would be returning to Long Beach, California in July 2020 for a summer Quilt Festival there. It’s been nearly seven years since our last show in Long Beach, and returning to the city this year feels a bit like hitting the restart button. We’re familiar with the area and all of the moving parts. We are looking forward to seeing some familiar sights and faces. And we will be bringing back many of the elements of the show people loved during its previous incarnation in Long Beach.

But what we also plan to bring to Quilt Festival in Long Beach is a new and refreshed energy. Much has changed in the quilt world and in our company since our last tenure in Long Beach, and we’re working to build a show that reflects those changes and new ideas.

Personally, I’m thrilled to return to Long Beach—it’s always been a favorite venue and location of mine. It’s not often that you can stand in front of a convention center and enjoy ocean breezes, and believe me when I tell you it’s a small-but-appreciated luxury when you’re working a show.

I also just love the vibe of the area. It feels like a city with a lot of layers—a shipping port with an impressive arts, music, and cultural scene and proximity to both the ocean and one of the largest urban areas in the country. Long Beach is also home to a lot of Art Deco architecture, which only lends to its cool and eclectic feel.

I recently learned, however, that there’s a specific reason for the wealth of Art Deco architecture in the Long Beach area. The city lost many buildings during a devastating earthquake that hit the area in March 1933. The Art Deco style—so popular at that time—also met many earthquake safety measures, and thus, was used in many of the structures they rebuilt following the earthquake. As stated in the book, Long Beach Art Deco, “Long Beach rose from the rubble to become a premier Art Deco city.”

It’s a city with the kind of energy we need to hit the restart button. (Side note: It’s also a city with some great options for Taco Tuesday). So, we hope you’re making plans to be at the show!

Look for several stories about exhibits, artists, and groups who will be a part of Quilt Festival Long Beach in the next issue of Friends@Festival. And in this issue, we’re looking back just a bit at the recent fall Quilt Festival in Houston, including two fascinating exhibits we had the pleasure of displaying at the show.


Happy reading,

Rhianna Griffin



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